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September 1998


Upcoming Events

This fall there will be two outreach work weekends, September 11-12 and October 2-3. Activities planned for the first work weekend include: site preparation work at the Dunham museum before landscaping occurs, some clean-up of homes in Alta Sita, landscaping at the Carver Community Center, home construction with Sister Carol, scantron data collection, and/or beautification projects with Metropolitan Community College.

1998 HUD COPC Grantees Conference

Representatives from approximately eighty U.S. colleges and universities funded to promote community development partnerships in distressed urban and rural areas by the Office of University Partnerships of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will be meeting in East St. Louis, Illinois, on Thursday and Friday, September 24th and 25th, 1998, to discuss the opportunities, challenges and policy implications of their work.

Fall 1998 Semester ESL Class

This fall LA/UP 341 - Land Resource Evaluation will be focused on East St. Louis. This course looks at different ways of evaluating the land, problems that arise when attempting to evaluate land, and policies that may be developed to address those problems.

ESL-Citytalk Email Community Forum

ESL-CITYTALK is email-based discussion forum. This forum is open to any resident, agency, or entity involved in community development activity in East St. Louis. It was created to promote collaboration between the many different entities that are engaging in community development intiatives in East St. Louis. JOIN NOW!!

Data Collection Reports

These two reports outline the data collection process from preparation to data correction and map production of two types of data, neighborhood parcel level data and street segments.

Neighborhood Condition Survey Data Collection Report
Infrastructure Condition Survey Data Collection Report

Spring 1998 Semester Class Projects on the Web

ARCH 372/374 : Architectural Design Studio
An interdisciplinary vertical studio for design innovations in affordable housing for Emerson Park.

LA 338 : Strategic Design
Multi-scale land resource analysis and design. Master planning for enhanced quality of life in East St. Louis.

UP 378 : Community Development Workshop
A workshop focusing on the development of the Emerson Park Comprehensive Plan and the siting of public housing throughout the city of East St. Louis.

Next Issue

In the next issue of the newsletter look for reports on the following:

Summer Blitz Build
URPS Summer Youth Program
Outreach Work Weekend #1 Report
COPC Conference Report
ESLARP 1998 Spring Retreat


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