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06/03: ESLARP/NTAC Annual Retreat Summary Report

05/03: UI students design house to help revitalize East St. Louis (News Gazette)

05/03: Student-built home intended to be catalyst for community (UofI News Bureau)

04/03: Engaged Colleges are Central to Strong Communities (NTAC/eslarp)

04/03: Riding the Rails : Setting East St. Louis On The Right Track by Kenneth M. Reardon (Shelterforce Online)

04/03: East Saint Louis to Host an Expansion of Fair Saint Louis Events and Entertainment (

03/03: St. Louis Chapter of ASLA and Univ. of Illinois Dept. Of Landscape Architecture Celebrate National Landscape Architecture Week at Eagle's Nest (eslarp)

04/03: The Changing Face of Nonprofit Effectiveness - A talk given by David O. Renz For the Nonprofit Services Consortium, St. Louis, MO


Quarterly newsletter featuring updates from local partnering organizations and information of interest to local neighborhood associations and non-profit agencies.

Volume 7 Issue 1 - October 2003:
NTAC Director’s Corner, New campus Director, Aspirations Day Care, Illinois Workforce Advantage Initiative, Stray Animal Issues, Outreach Weekends, Community Concepts, Inc., Youth Planning Activity, Green Communities, NTAC Annual Retreat, Clean Air Action, Digital ESL Collaborative, Mounds Heritage Trail.

Volume 6 Issue 2 - December 2002:
New Faces at NTAC, Rays of Hope Conference, Campus Awards, Bolden Gardens, Illinois Workforce Advantage Project, Non-Profit Incubator, Bonner Foundation Community Based Research, Digital ESL Collaborative, Spring outreach weekends and class projects, Predatory Lending.

Volume 6 Issue 1 - January/February/March 2002: Community Technology Coordinator Joins NTAC, Acting Director of NTAC, UIUC Students Hit ESL, Dunham Technique Seminar, Stormwater Ordinance, IDOT Deceives Residents, Riverfront Plan, Southend Planning Process, Brown Bag Collaborative, American Bottom Conservancy, ESL Mounds, Family Health Fair, NTAC News.

Volume 5 Issue 1 - January/February/March 2001: Lansdowne Steering Committee, Director’s Article, New State Initiative, Emerson Park Youthbuild, ESL CAN, Community Fund, Katherine Dumham Academy, 2001 Supernofa, Coalition Against Violence, Police Dept.Liaison, CACO, Bride of Christ, Rush City Improvement Association, South End Development, Grantsmanship Training, Washington Park, Urban Seniors, Violence Prevention Center, Lovejoy Alumni Association, New Spirit.

Volume 4, Issue 3 - October/November 2000: ESL CAN IDOT Project, First Impressions, ESL CAN Coordinator, Clean-up Campaign for 2000, Grantsmanship Training, 501c3 tax-exempt status, Outreach Weekends, NTAC to offrt workshop, Financial Management, Playscape, Metropolitan Association, Meet the Funder, NEIGHBORS United, Computer Classes, GOLDEN GARDEN INC., Adventures in Motivation, Citizens For Community, CMNA Benefit Banquet, Better Days, New Beginnings, Carver Community Center, Decent Community , Jazz Experience, CACO, Real Estate, Congratulations.

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