South End New Development Organization

Committed to improving the South End through community development strategies


South End Neighborhood Data Book and Program Ideas

(The 2002 South End Revitalization Plan)

A Five-year Redevelopment Strategy for improving
the Quality of Life for Current and future residents of South End

October 2002

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introducion

History of South end and the South End New development organization.

Chapter 2. Planning process and methodology

Chapter 3. Profile of South End Neighborhood

Neighborhood Condition Survey results

Map List
3.1 Land Use Map
3.2 Building Occupancy Map
3.3 Building Condition Map
3.4 Building Material Map
3.5 Building Stories Map
3.6 Building Improvements Map
3.7 Property Condition Map
3.8 Trash on Property Map
3.9 Trash on Public Right-of-Way Map
3.10 Plant Growth Obstructing Sidewalk or Public Right-of-Way Map

Chapter 4. Local perception

4.1 Cognitive mapping
4.2 Resident's Survey
4.3 SWOT

Chapter 5. Conclusion (Missing, will be added as the final plan is completed)

Chapter 6. Introduction to program development

Chapter 7.
Organizational capacity

7.1 Block Captains
7.2 Topic groups
7.3 Neighborhood Outreach Initiative
7.4 Neighborhood Office
7.5 Fundraising & Publicity

Chapter 8. Street scape and Infrastructure

8.1 Sewer, Street and Other Public Facility Improvements
8.2 Streetscape Standards
8.3 Parking Program
8.4 Street Clean-Up Initiative

Chapter 9. Parks and Open Space

9.1 Lincoln Park Renovation
9.2 Mini Thematic Parks
9.3 Urban Forestry
9.4 Sports Teams

Chapter 10. Community Safety

10.1 Obtain motion sensor lights for private residents
10.2 Improve Police Protection
10.3 Illegal Dumping Prevention Campaign
10.4 Neighborhood Watch Program

Chapter 11.
Community Services
11.1 Adult Education Support
11.2 After School Program
11.3 Community Center
11.4 Senior Programs

Chapter 12. Commercial Revitalization

12.1 Business Organization
12.2 Business Incubator or Entrepreneurial Centern
12.3 Commercial Redevelopment Program for 10th Street
12.4 Filling Station
12.5 Food Co-operative
12.6 Farmers' Market and Community Garden
12.7 Laundromat

Chapter 13. Housing Development

13.1 Home Repair Kits
13.2 Home Repair First Aid Class
13.3 Home Maintenance & Finance Class
13.4 Paint Weekends
13.5 Home Safety and Repair Assessment
13.6 Safe Materials Replacement
13.7 Adaptive Use Assessments
13.8 Target In-Fill House Building Groups
13.9 Identify Homes Needing Demolition and Removal
13.10 Target Developers of New Single-Family & Multiple-Family Homes
13.11 Target Developers of Homes or Developments for Young, Urban Professionals
13.12 Explore Creating Housing CDC
13.13 Explore Concept of Land Banking

Appendix A: Census data
Appendix B: Residential Survey questions

Document author(s) : Janni Sorensen
Last modified: 24 October 2002, JeongYoon Park