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Outreach Weekend Report

April 14 - 15, 2000.


Presentations to the residents of Alta Sita neighborhood

Friday: Students of Arch372/LA338 gave presentations to the neighborhood residents during the lunch hour.The students presented a variety of alternatives of elderly housings for the Alta Sita neighborhood and received feedback on their projects.


Photos of the presentation at Bride of Christ church


Work at the Bride of Christ Church

By Brian Orland

Friday: Worked at BoC, scoping out the landscape work with Jennifer Savulsky, LArch, so Jenny could supervise the site. Over lunch participated in the resident reviews of the class schemes. Afternoon, worked with crew at BoC - cleaned up existing landscape plantings and worked to replace existing grassed area with new plantings. Took Dean Conlin around Alta Sita to show her Jeff Poss's summer class pavilion in Virginia Park and the Virginia Place mini-park as well as the Arch372/LA338 project sites.

Saturday: Completed the landscape work at BoC then headed for Virginia Park. Did extensive clean-up of glass and other garbage around the picnic and playground areas. Enjoyed watching championship basketball - or at least that's what Bob Selby told me it was.

Work at NTAC and EPDC Youth Computer Lab

By Varkki George

Friday: Worked with Cece Merckel, Nidhi Tomar, and Jamie at EPDC's YouthBuild computer lab. Installed (and did trouble-shooting) software requested by James Joneson 15 computers: Microsoft Word and Excel, and an Apprenticeship Training program.

Saturday: Worked with Nidhi Tomar on fixing three computers donated to the Bride of Christ Church. These computers had various problems that caused them to not work. We were successful with two, and brought the third back to campus for fixing. Nidhi, Colleen, and Elliot took the two and set them up at Bride of Christ (one donated monitor does not work).

Worked with Nidhi Tomar on expanding the NTAC network. Connected Kathy Andria's computer to the network, installed Internet access, and server-based software. Also installed a scanner on her computer.

Report on the work weekend

By Bob Selby

Friday: Photographed at BOC (Alta Sita). Brian and Dean Conlin working with students planting trees and rose bushes. Photographed Farmers Marke, Mike and Craig with students. Gave the Dean a tour of Don Johnson's subdivision under construction in South End. There was lots of construction activity and the Dean seemed impressed. Helped Brian dig holes for trees and bushes. Enjoyed dinner at Helen's. She seemed to close the whole place down to serve us exclusively.

Saturday: Held planning meeting w/ faculty, staff, students. Distributed leaflets and conducted resident surveys in Golden Gardens for GG, Inc. Worked with GGI President Roosevelt Kincaid, his brother and one other officer in GGI. I took originals of 3 documents and got them copied at Office Max in Fairview Heights. (I also noted a Kinko's there, FYI). Returned and formed 3-2 person teams: 1) Doug Layne and Marcus Cross of NOMAS, 2) Beth Lindahl with Joe Signorelli, and 3) Grace Kim and I with Earl, one of the GGI officers. We finished at lunch time. Mr. Kincaid seemed impressed that NTAC could provide this kind of help. He felt we accomplished a lot this morning.

After lunch joined Brian, Vicki, and students (my car included Doug, Marcus, and Grace) to clean up glass from Virginia Park in Alta Sita. Doug and I joined a pick-up 3 on 3 half court basketball game-bonded with the neighbors.

Both days went well from my perspective. Good prep, clear handouts, directions, maps, contact persons and helpers in place.

Photos of landscaping at BOC and Farmers Market from the weekend.

More Photos of dinner at Helen's and Virginia Park from the weekend.

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