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Outreach Weekend Report

February 2-4, 2001

Volunteer Accomplishments

The East St. Louis Action Research Project has begun February with yet another successful outreach weekend. The success of this weekend stems directly from the awesome support and work ethic of our 58 volunteers. After helping the Emerson Park area of East St. Louis help themselves grow into a highly active and successful area of the city, ESLARP has begun to target the neighborhood of Lansdowne. To begin the process we were able to successfully survey the conditions of over 600 acres that Lansdowne encompasses. We also focused some of our force on a residential survey knocking on between 800 and 1000 doors and asking 60 people to answer a series of 62 questions about how they want to see their neighborhood grow and change.

Pilgrim Green Baptist Church was our base camp, the place where we met to eat and talk about the weekend's activities, and here we helped the church kick-off their year long restoration project by replacing water damaged wall panels, as well as, primed and painted the sanctuary. Saturday evening all but 18 people left East St. Louis tired, yet fulfilled knowing they accomplished a lot, while the rest headed back to the hotel. Bright and early Sunday morning those 18 people split up and traveled to 6 different churches in the Lansdowne area, and at each church they invited people to participate in Lansdowne Steering Committee future meetings. Thanks to all and hope to see you on the next outreach weekend!

More photos from the weekend.

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