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Outreach Weekend Report

October 26-27, 2001



by Roselyn Cleveland

For October's Outreach Weekend a number of projects took place in the East St. Louis community. On October 26&27 over 90 architecture, library and information science, and urban planning, students volunteered and completed several projects involving home rehab, park maintenance and landscaping. Specifically, groups of students constructed benches for a park and various bus stops, cleaned up two city parks, and help do repairs to residences' homes. In addition, landscaping projects from the first Outreach Weekend were completed. The outcome of the weekend was remarkably a success and ESLARP would like to thank all of October's participants for their wonderful work and support. We look forward to seeing you in the spring!


Neighbors United for Progress

by Roselyn Cleveland

On Monday October 28, a local organization called Neighbors United for Progress held an Environmental Awareness Fair at a community elementary school in order to inform residence about hazards that may exist in their homes or in areas around their homes. Primarily, the organization emphasized that free lead-poision testing for school-aged children would be conducted at the fair by local health care groups. In preparation for this event Outreach Weekend volunteers asssisted Neighbors United for Progress in distributing information to residences of the South End community in East St. Louis. In addition, these volunteers helped in decorating and setting-up the fair site as well as assist in preparing information to be distributed.

Green Acres Mini Park

by Deanna Koenigs

Carle and Lillie Prude acquired two vacant lots on either side of their house and is transforming them in to Mini Parks for use by children in the neighborhood. On one side they have planted trees and shrubs and we were to copy that on the other side. We also added mums and tulip and daffodil bulbs. They plan on adding play structures to one of the parks and fencing them in to keep the children safe. We also started building benches to be placed around the parks. The volunteers in my group had a good time and were glad to be working with the Prude's who are very appreciative of our work. [Thank you note from Lillie Prude]

NTAC Accessible Ramp by Robert I. Selby, AIA

by Robert I. Selby, AIA

Six UIUC students joined Prof. Robert Selby and Prof. Michael Andrejasich to begin building a ramp at NTAC. Friday was spent laying out the ramp from working drawings. Adjustments were made to dimensions to fit field conditions. Two rose bushes were carefully excavated and transplanted to the garden on the opposite side of the building. A third rose bush was trimmed and tied back to keep it safe from harm. The team carefully placed wooden stakes at 16 column centerline locations for all of the concrete footings for the ramp. All dimensions were thoroughly checked for accuracy.

Saturday the team hand dug 14 post holes using a post hole digger and spades. The holes were 12" in diameter and 30" deep. Two holes at the existing porch were determined to be unnecessary because posts could be anchored to the existing concrete porch foundation. By noon all 14 holes had been dug and half were filled with "Sacrete" mixed with water on site in a wheelbarrow. The team broke for lunch and returned to work. By mid-afternoon all holes were filled with concrete and the team cleaned up the site. The team then went to Lansdowne to help install a wood bench at bus stop on Caseyville Avenue.

Building the superstructure of the ramp is scheduled for the next Outreach Weekend.

Garrison School Project

by Eric Moberg


Lansdowne Benches/Wireless Computer Network System

by John Repplinger

The GSLIS (Graduate School of Library & Information Science) Networking class participated in ESLARP in two different areas: computer networking and building benches. Our class took four different sites to survey for installing new computer networks. This included documenting each site by taking pictures and measurements and performing interviews.

After accomplishing the site surveying, our group proceeded to built benches. We measured, drilled, and fit several of the benches together by the end of the first day. The goal for the second day was to finish building the rest of the benches and to "plant" as many of them as possible at designated bus stops. At each spot, we dug four deep holes-one for each leg-and placed the bench in the ground. We encountering buried bricks, concrete, wooden posts, inches worth of gravel, asphalt, tree roots, pipelines, and more.

Even though a total of five benches were actually placed in the ground, I felt that our group had made a difference. The highlight of the trip was the support we received from the community. People passing by frequently asked what we were doing. They would smile after seeing a new bus bench on a street corner, and stop to compliment on how nice they looked or the difference we are making within the community. I feel that this was a wonderful experience, as the rest of my group would agree, and that we really did make a difference with one weekend.

Emerson Park Residential Assistance

by Paul Adams


Porch Repair

by Craig Miller

Lansdowne Neighbors "Help-Us Help-You" Program

by Eric Hadly-Ives


Virginia Park

by Bruce Wicks

We mowed, raked, picked up trash, planted shrubs and trees, spread chips in the play areas, fixed up the sandboxes, and finished the raised flower beds.

"Slow Down and Smell the Flowers"

by Cory Barringhaus


Tree Limb Safety

by Mike Organ


Kenneth Hall/Jones Park

by Cory Barringhaus

Lansdowne Welcome Signs

by Stacy Harwood

The signage crew planted trees and shrubs around the Lansdowne Steering Committee signs. As part of each landscape design, we incorporated objects found at each site, such as rocks, logs and bricks. The Forest and 46th sign being one of the more challenging sites where the students dug up several very large rocks from a nearby forested lot.

Varnishing Signage

by Yoon Park



More photos from the weekend.

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