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Outreach Weekend Report

April 19-20, 2002


by Jassen Johnson



Pilgrim Baptist Church Painting

by Robert I. Selby, AIA

Six students from Professor Osman Ataman's Architectural Design Studio, Arch 272, worked with ESLARP Director, Professor Robert Selby, painting inside the education wing of Pilgrim Baptist Church, 121 South 17th Street. Pilgrim Baptist Church in located in the heart of the South End Neighborhood. A neighborhood improvement plan is currently in progress for the South End. This painting project helps demonstrate to South End residents that ESLARP can help the community based organization, SENDO, effect short term positive change while it works on plans and programs for longer range improvements. SENDO stands for South End New Development Organization.

Susie Cho, Aaron Merchant, Megan Parker, Michelle Rook, Zohoori Seyavash and Emily Wilbrandt placed over 20 gallons of paint on classroom and corridor walls and ceilings at Rev. M. R. Lemons' church. The students noted that one of the streets along the church's parking lot is named: Dr. M. R. Lemons Drive.

The group painted one small classroom on Friday afternoon, and prepared a second classroom for painting on Saturday. On Saturday, the group painted that classroom and five more, plus the entire second floor corridor.

Dr. Lemons was pleased with the effort and hopes ESLARP students will return to paint more classrooms, offices, and the entry to the education wing.

Lead Safe Yard Project

by Theresa

Community Mission Childcare Center

by Vicki Eddings

The playground at Community Mission Child Care is almost complete after working on it for the past year during many Outreach Weekends. Friday afternoon a van load of Architecture volunteers moved lumber, weeded some large areas and dug a hole for a new Willow tree. Unfortunately, we dug the hole in the wrong area. Saturday afternoon Jassen and his family (Julie, Stan and Brook) worked with Vicki to relocate the hole and plant the Willow tree, plant bulbs and spread mulch. The playground is shaping up and will certainly be ready for the upcoming summer season.

Tourism Development

by Bruce Wicks

Leisure Studies: Tourism Development Class. The class overall project is to assist with the development of a regional (SW IL) African American tourism development plan. The larger project is funded by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism (DCCA) and is called Trails and Legacies. Anne Walker is our local inspiration. This last weekend we made an extensive visit to ESL and some of the surrounding areas to assess the potential heritage sites as well as looking at other attractions that could be packaged with this project. Secondarily, we examined the tourism infrastructure of the area. This data will be combined with secondary sources of information to produce recommendations for marketing, attraction development and infrastructure enhancements.

The Trails and Legacies effort has multi-year funding and we hope to involve another class in this important project next year.

New Beginning Outreach Ministries

by Justin Placek

On Friday afternoon 7 architecture students helped New Beginnings with their new park. We helped them plant 2 flower beds, put 2 benches together and placed them in cement, and finished the afternoon off by digging about 20 holes for trees to be planted in. On Saturday morning we returned to New Beginnings to put two more benches together and plant the trees. The park was really muddy, but the students as well as some people form New Beginnings finished planting the trees and the remaining benches were built. This brought us to lunchtime in which New Beginnings let us stay for their cookout that they had organized. It was very delicious.

More photos from the weekend.

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