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Outreach Weekend Report

September 12-13, 2003


East St. Louis Public Library

Five students assisted the East St. Louis Public Library last Friday in clearing dead trees from the landscape and mowing a half acre lot on the Library property. The lot has many large rocks and some hilly areas that can be removed during the next outreach weekend. Cynthia Jones, Librarian, was thrilled with the outcome and wanted to make sure all students and staff knew she was appreciative.


Community Theatre

Christina Fisher gave approximately 10 students the opportunity to learn about her youth theatre project and actively participate in hanging drywall in the theatre. The UIUC students and staff working on the theatre will be included in a video documentary shot and produced by Christina's students. Students, faculty and staff from the University worked a day and a half on the drywall which included hanging it on the ceiling, quite a tricky project! Everyone was exhausted by the end of the second day but could look at their accomplishments and be very proud of what they did.

Flyering for Alta Sita Neighbors

Stacy Harwood's UP260 class flyered the Alta Sita Neighborhood with the assistance of Eric Hadley-Ives and his students. Alta Sita Neighbors organization is planning to host a one day Neighborhood Summit to present the last neighborhood plan produced by ESLARP students. One of the elderly residents assisted the group with flyering. The students also handed out flyers on predatory lending. Although the day was a little rainy and wet the students enjoyed meeting local residents.

More photos from the weekend.

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