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Outreach Weekend Report

November 14-15, 2003



by Justin Placek, ESLARP Outreach Weekend Assistant

On the weekend of November 14th and 15th ESLARP headed down to East St. Louis for the last outreach weekend of 2003. Residents joined 50 students and staff over the weekend to complete 5 projects. Their hard work allowed for the following projects to be completed: the construction of a shed, Eagle's Nest, Olivette Park clean sweep, Rush City, and hanging drywall at the Village Theatre. Everyone's dedication to work in the rain as well as good teamwork made this weekend a success and a great outreach weekend to close out the year.

Olivette Park - Operation Clean-Sweep

by Mark Garrett, ESLARP Director

My group did a clean sweep of a street in Olivette Park near the NTAC office. We were joined by several residents who helped clean leaves and other debris from sidewalks and yards. The residents provided hot chocolate (very welcome) and donuts and pizza. On the second day the crew worked on cleaning Virginia Park in the morning and the Olivette Park community garden in the afternoon.

Aspirations Adult Day Care - Build A Shed

by Deanna Koenigs, ESLARP Technology Coordinator

Our group worked with Loretta and Delbert Shipp in constructing a 10' X 20' storage shed. This shed will be used to store materials for the Aspirations Adult Day Care Center. On Friday, the walls were constructed and raised, and enough plywood was installed to keep the site secure. Saturday all of the rafters were cut, plywood placed and tar paper laid. The shed went up quickly thanks to the great team we had doing the construction: Mike Andrejasich, Jassen Johnson, Justin Placek, Jennifer Orme and Matt Bramstedt. Loretta and Delbert were very appreciative and provided us with refreshments. The shingles and siding panels are yet to be installed, but a lot was accomplished.

Village Theatre Renovations

Beautification of Bolden Community Gardens

Eagle's Nest Veteran's Shelter Renovations

Virginia Park Clean-up

Theater workshop for youth at Clark Middle School

Rush City and Lansdowne Neighborhood Surveys

More photos from the weekend.

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