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Outreach Weekend Report

March 5-6, 2004



by Justin Placek, ESLARP Outreach Weekend Assistant

Once again an East St. Louis Action Research Project team hit the road to East St. Louis for another outreach work weekend on March 5th and 6th. The ESLARP team was composed of about 45 people, which included students and faculty from Architecture, Leisure Studies, ESLARP, NTAC, and LINC. These individuals combined with the local residents worked extremely hard as a team to complete 6 projects. It was their dedication and hard work that allowed for the work weekend to be a success.


Painting St. Paul Baptist Church

Currently, an architecture graduate design studio is working with the Ascension Board and St. Paul Baptist Church on design proposal for the vacant land adjacent to the church. On Friday the class presented their design ideas to the board and on Saturday 7 students spent the day painting the main hallway, a classroom, an office, and a storage room within St.Paul Baptist Church.


Community Theatre

by Justin Placek, ESLARP Outreach Weekend Assistant

Students and Staff have worked on the Community Theatre in the past, which makes this project a little more special. We have been able to watch this project get transformed from basically nothing into is present state, which is getting close to completion. On Friday afternoon approximatley five students painted portions of the interior of the theatre. On Saturday, about 20 students and staff worked to finish painting the interior as well as hang drywall.

Winstanly/Industry Neighborhood Condition Survey

by Yoon Park, ESLARP Assisstant

16 students, from Professor Lynne Dearborn's Arch 374 class, conducted a Neighborhood Condition Survey (NCS) in the Winstanley/Industry neighborhood. The students gathered at Mt. Sinai Church and were given a brief introduction on how to complete the NCS. Afterward, they formed 4 groups with 4 members and went to seperate areas to conduct the survey. The information collected included: existing building conditions, parcel conditions, street conditions, land use, etc. The data that the students collected will form the backbone of the Winstanley/Industry Neighborhood plan update. The data has been edited and converted into map form.



Crossroads Academy

Crossroads is a year round private school located in East St. Louis for children through the sixth grade. This gifted learning program has much history in successfully sending children into the public education system and into their post high school learning. This school is funded by private funding agencies and is in need of our assistance to move heavy objects as well as a few other things.. On Friday, 7 students worked with students and staff of the Crossroads Academy School to clean and organize the basement. This didn't take as long as we thought so for the last hour we played with the younger students, while they waited for their rides home.

More photos from the weekend.

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