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Outreach Weekend Report

September 17-18, 2004




Illinois Avenue Playground

Participants: Kevin Rodenkirch, Justin Placek, Alejandro Arango, Shana Dobrinski, and Travis Juracek

Friday's work on the Illinois Street Playground was by far the most rewarding, and the results of our labor were easily seen at the end of the day. It took about five hours to turn an overgrown park with trash and broken glass into a playground that people could use. The trash and glass pick up was quick, and the bulk of the work was trimming the overgrown bushes and trees. With each of us working on a particular part, we were able to work independently without getting into each others way.

At around four in the afternoon a woman with two little kids walked by the park. While passing by, she thanked us for our hard work and commented on that fact that now her and her children could use it. This was particularly rewarding in that we were able to start and finish a project in a single day knowing that what we did make the area at least a little better.





Concerned Citizens of Precinct 12

On Saturday approximately 40 students and staff worked with the Concerned Citizens of Precinct 12 to help beautify their Neighborhood, which is located in Lansdowne. This was a general cleanup project that focused along the main drag (Waverly Ave.) and a few different houses. We cleaned up trash, mowed, cut down trees as well as trimmed trees. By the end of the day on saturday this area look quite different, which gave us great satisfaction. Although there is still a lot to do it was a great start to cleaning up the neighborhood. The neighborhood residents also put on a large cookout, which was extremely good. Not only was the food great, but it gave us a chance to interact with more of the residents.





Emerson Park Survey

On September 17th and 18th sixteen U of I students and eighteen YouthBuild students conducted a survey of 60 Emerson Park residents. The survey asked questions about residents' satisfaction with housing, local public services, environment and community health, local schools, community services, shopping and economic activity as well as personal information about residents employment status and sources of income, and familiarity with Emerson Park Development Corporation. The results from this survey will be used in developing a third Emerson Park Neighborhood plan.



More photos from the weekend.

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