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Outreach Weekend Report

April 7 & 8, 2006



by Vicki Eddings

60 volunteers traveled to East St. Louis this past weekend to work on three different projects. Projects included a huge neighborhood cleanup in the precinct 12 neighborhood of East St. Louis; work continued at Opal’s House and we began working with the Shiloh AME Church in the South End Neighborhood. Students from LA 438 and UP 478 continued their semester work with neighborhood groups and residents. Felicia Taylor (UP student) also worked with the Village Theatre to create and publish a website for the theatre. Stacy Harwood, Jennifer Forbes and Cherry Dabney attended a neighborhood meeting in Rush City where discussion continued regarding proposed relocation of the Rush City residents.


Concerned Citizens of Precinct 12

by Leah Ostenberg

Opal's House

by Matt Bramstedt

Shiloh AME Church Demolition

by Wyatt Beard

During the weekend of April 7th and 8th, we worked with Pastor Donald Bailey of the Shiloh AME Church in East St. Louis. The church sustained residual water damage from leaks in the roof. Pastor Bailey informed our team that the church has seen significant attendance growth, especially with youth in recent months. This growth presented a need for classroom and meeting space in the damaged area. The church had the roof repaired making it possible for the necessary interior work to begin. We removed all interior paneling and damaged drywall while salvaging what materials we could. There was mold present from the sustained water which was properly treated or removed in the case of the fiberglass insulation. Two hard days of work by ESLARP volunteers and the rooms have now been prepped for the renovation and further growth of the Shiloh congregation. It has been a pleasure to work with Pastor Bailey and the Board of trustees for the church. If you are interested in helping with the remodeling and reconstruction of the interior, sign up for the April 21/22th and the April 28/29th outreach weekends.

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