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Alternative Spring Break, Spring 1998

Eight students from the University of Illinois and 12 students from Northwestern particiated in an Alternative Spring Break from March 23-27th from 9am until 3:30pm. The groups were hard working and enthusiastic, making the week very successful. The following are projects they completed:

Dunham Museum and Residences

Students cleaned the yard around the Katherine Dunham Museum and the Dunham residences.


They cleaned the first floor and basement of the Winstanley/Industry Park Neighborhood Organization (WIPNO) 1845-47 St. Louis Avenue Apartments. The lighting situation in the basement wasn't the greatest and it was suggested that next time they should use miner's hats. The apartments will soon be ready to be rehabilitated.

Emerson Park

Despit some troubles with writing equipment in the morning the students collected a wealth of information. They conducted an infrastructure survey in the Emerson Park neighborhood. Students collected information including: street condition and material, sidewalk condition and material, curb condition and material, street lights, fire hydrants, manholes and street drains.

Illinois Avenue Playground

They cleaned, stained and painted the Illinois Avenue Playground. New trees, shrubs and flowers were added to the park. Students had the most fun getting creative with paint and decorating the tires and trash barrels. A special applause to those who stuck with pulling out all of the weeds from the play areas, which was virtually impossible.

Also special thanks is extended to Illinois Avenue neighbors, Mr. Willis and Mrs. Drake who helped the students at the playground.

Christian Activity Center

The students also worked and played with children at the Christian Activity Center every afternoon.

BIG THANKS to the University of Illinois and Northwestern Illinois University student volunteers, Raja, Rajeev, Yong Wook, Megan, Deanna, Ken, Damon, Patricia, and Craig.

Thank you note from Northwestern

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