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Outreach Weekend Report

January 29-31, 1999


ESL CAN Hosts Code Enforcement 2000 Campaign Forum at the East St. Louis Community Center

by Cathy Klump

On Friday, January 29th students of the University of Illinois' East St. Louis Action Research Project assisted the East St. Louis Community Action Network in preparing for the Code Enforcement 2000 Campaign Forum to be held on Saturday, January 30th. Students prepared maps indicating the location and intensity of sanitation violations in the City. Students also prepared press packets, sign, and handouts for all forum attendees.

The purpose of the forum on Saturday was to share the results of the Code Enforcement Hotline (874-CODE). This hotline, set up in November, encouraged residents to call in and report abandoned vehicles, derelict structures, overgrown lots, and sites of illegal dumping. In ten weeks, over 700 calls were placed to the hotline. ESL CAN invited all city officials and the Code Enforcement Department to attend the event and listen to the hotline results. Unfortunately, none of the invited officials made an appearance. Over thirty residents attended the event and several students from the U of I took a break from Alta Sita data collection and outreach to show their support for Code Enforcement.

Data Collection Testing

by Yong Wook Kim

During the last weekend, I did the alta-sita neighborhood condition survey with one landscape architecture student and two architecture students. Data collection was done very smoothly, even though there were several discrepancy between the map and the real situation. Since we had enough time to measure the site, this problem was solved simply. However, there was a problem. One of the neighborhood resident resisted our data collection. She yelled to us not to do something that we were doing. I think this was caused the lack of informing the local resident. Except this problem, this data collection work was the most successful and smooth one, due to the well organized preparation, such as student orientation.

Alta Sita Door Knocking

by Tom Shields

Over 50 Students from UP 378, LA 378, and Arch 374 recruited residents for the February 9th Alta Sita Neighborhood meeting. Generally residents in Alta Sita welcomed the start of the Alta Sita Neighborhood Planning process. As a result of these outreach efforts almost 20 additional residents attended the meeting on February 9th to participate in the Community Mapping Exercise.

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