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Outreach Weekend Report

February 19-20, 1999


Bride of Christ Church Improvement Projects

by Colleen Waite

While most of the volunteers this weekend were out interviewing, a small group remained at our home base, Bride of Christ Church, to work on some improvement projects. Lilly and Carl Prude, our hosts, had already completed a substantial amount of the work in the church and were, until recently, focusing on the basement parish hall. Carl had knee surgery in the winter and had to stop hanging the drywall on the ceiling, but still had a lot of the supplies needed. So this weekend Elliot, Matt, and Kate measured and cut crazy shaped pieces to work around the ductwork in both the parish hall and the two adjoining bathrooms (demolition is fun!), while Naveen and Colleen taped and mudded the joints-everyone sanded. We all pretty much shared the work, learning from each other, and making collective decisions. By the end of Friday we were all filthy from dust and compound and eagerly awaited the warm showers of the Ramada Inn...

On Saturday we picked up where we left off, joined by Craig from NTAC. In the afternoon, Candice, Katie, Michelle, Sarah, Danielle, and two of Lilly and Carl's grand children, Dominic and Brandon joined us (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!) in a frenzy of paint and rollers. They made short work of scraping and dusting the walls, and then applying two coats of paint. Lilly and Carl were fabulous hosts, making sure we always had enough mud, trowels, brushes, paint, and music. Lilly took a dozen pictures of the "angels" working at the church-it was a great experience, and we each left with sore shoulders and a satisfied smile.

Alta Sita Resident Surveys

by Yong Wook Kim

During the last weekend, I did the alta-sita neighborhood condition survey with one landscape architecture student and two architecture students. Data collection was done very smoothly, even though there were several discrepancy between the map and the real situation. Since we had enough time to measure the site, this problem was solved simply. However, there was a problem. One of the neighborhood resident resisted our data collection. She yelled to us not to do something that we were doing. I think this was caused the lack of informing the local resident. Except this problem, this data collection work was the most successful and smooth one, due to the well organized preparation, such as student orientation.

Alta Sita Resident Surveys

by Tom Shields

From their home base at Bride of Christ Church, staff wizards Deanna Koenigs and Cathy Klump orchestrated a virtuoso neighborhood survey performance. Twenty teams of two students and residents met with over 200 residents of the Alta Sita Neighborhood for an average of 1/2 hour to discuss perceptions of the neighborhood. The survey was developed by UP378 students Charlie Campos and Kara Brown. Students from UP 378, LA 378, Arch 374 and UP 199 participated in the data collection activities. About Eight residents participated with the with the forty students.

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