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Alternative Spring Break

University of Illinois, Middle Tennessee University, Centennial High-Champaign, IL

March 14-19, 1999

Middle Tennessee University

by Raja Shankar

Colleen, Elliot and I went down on Saturday March 13. We were meeting mid-Tennessee that night. But they arrived late, so we met them the next day. Tom gave them a tour of East St. Louis. The students were from varying backgrounds from engineering to the humanities. They were a good bunch.

On Monday, I worked at the Queen's chapel at Brooklyn (please confirm the name and location with Tom). We painted the windows, and repaired the floors. I was also with the Mid-Tennessee group later in the day. They were a hard working bunch and did a good job on the Farmers Market.

by Janni Sorensen

On March 18 and 19 th. a group of dedicated and hardworking students from University of Tennesee worked on one of Kathryn Dunhams old guest houses, starting the process of turning them into a Bed & Breakfast.

The students worked very hard scraping paint of the walls, removing old carpeting and cleaning indoors and out doors. The students seemed to have a great time and despite the hard and dirty work they managed to have a lot of fun.

Centennial High-Urbana, IL

by Elliott Klug

My experience during the spring break trip to East St. Louis was quite enjoyable. The nature of the smaller groups that worked together for several days in a row was one of synergy. We had the fun of gutting out some older track houses and this was even more a part of the group feeling.

Some of the tasks involved in cleaning out a garbage filled house are not entirely pleasant but the group did not hesitate. The people I was with was a band of highschool girls from Champaign and let me tell you, they were less squeamish than most adults I know.

More photos from the week.

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