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Annual Report 1995-96

Creating the Olivette Park Action Revitalization Plan

With funding from the East St. Louis Community Development Block Grant Office, ESLARP undertook a community planning and revitalization project in Olivette Park, a historic neighborhood near the city's central business district. Residents, business owners, religious leaders and social service providers worked with student planners to collect and analyze neighborhood data, identify strengths and weaknesses and formulate improvement strategies.

The Olivette Park Neighborhood Association and ESLARP hosted a day-long "Neighborhood Summit" in February at which more than 70 members of the community worked together to adopt an overall development goal for the neighborhood and formulate specific project proposals. To demonstrate commitment to neighborhood improvement and build organizational capacity, the neighborhood association and ESLARP implemented several small-scale neighborhood improvement activities throughout the planning process, including clean-ups of several overgrown lots and the board-up of a dangerous, abandoned house.

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Annual Report 1995-96

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