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Community - Campus Day of Service

April 5, 2014

On Saturday, April 5th, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign kicked off National Volunteer Week with an inaugural Community-Campus Day of Service. Over 60 students, faculty and staff worked with six community partners on seven projects to complete pre-construction projects, community garden spring preparation projects, flyering in the community, reorganizing classrooms at Tap in Leadership Academy, cataloging choral literature, and preparing a Bee Garden. A big thank you goes out to all who helped on April 5!


Enriching perspectives through community engagement

FAA 291 FEB Spring 2012

FAA 291 FEB (Spring 2012)
CRN 51555
Civic Engagement Seminar
Instructors: Vicki Eddings, AR.I Staff
Office: 326 Noble Hall
Phone: 217.265.0202
Enrollment in this course requires attendance in two in-class sessions (one orientation, one reflection/discussion) and one two-day outreach activity (Central Illinois) Credit hours: 1; Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. All course-related expenses are paid by Action Research.Illinois.
*On-campus sessions
 Monday, February 20, 5:00 – 6:00 pm Room 317 Noble Hall (Orientation)
Monday, February 27, 5:00 – 6:00 pm Room 317 Noble Hall (Reflection)
*Off-campus session (Decatur)
Friday, February 24 (9 am through 7 pm)
Saturday, February 25 (9 am through 5 pm)
*Exact dates/times are subject to revision.
 Course description:
Community-based organizations play increasingly important roles in expanding the supply of jobs, affordable housing and social services in many low-income urban communities. Supported by local religious organizations, financial institutions, regional foundations and municipal governments, community development corporations have emerged as the primary organizational vehicles for neighborhood stabilization and community revitalization in many U.S. cities.
This community engagement course is designed to introduce students from across campus to community development practices and the participatory approach followed by Action Research.Illinois (AR.I). This is a unique opportunity to work alongside residents and neighborhood leaders on vital projects identified by grassroots organizations. A hands-on approach to instruction is employed, as participants will take part in an Outreach experience in Central Illinois.  Students will tour the area and meet neighborhood leaders before engaging in the weekend projects of physical improvements in the community. All outreach will be local and will not require overnight travel.
As preparation for the trip students will participate in an orientation that highlights the history and partnerships with the University, the East St. Louis Action Research Project and Action Research.Illinois. Students will be required to complete readings and submit written assignments. Students should be prepared to discuss their weekend experiences during the reflection session.
Course Structure:
FAA 291 follows an open discussion format that fosters lively and thoughtful conversation; questions and comments are encouraged.

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